Lime Garden

Heaven Sessions x BKS

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They found each other through Facebook and shared a love of Courtney Barnett and Talking Heads. And once they convinced their roommate to learn to play bass guitar, Lime Garden was born. Here foursome from Brighton climbed onto our stage during Best Kept Secret 2023 for a Heaven Session. They describe their music as “slinky, wonky pop. We heard mostly tasty indie pop, with a nice raw edge here and there. During their session we also got a scoop: ‘Love Song’, the fourth and last track on their set list, comes from their upcoming debut album.

With Heaven editor Ludo Diels, frontwoman Chloe Howard spoke after the session about democracy within the band, diversity in the music scene and about their creative process. “We work really hard, but we have a shit ton of fun as well.”

Photo: Han Ernest

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