Wolfheart + Before The Dawn + Hinayana

In the fall of 2023, WOLFHEART will go on their first headlining tour. The Finnish melodic death metal band will bring along veterans Before The Dawn and Hinayana.

WOLFHEART has released a top-notch album with King Of The North. Each song on King Of The North is dedicated to a different story from Finnish mythology – underscored by WOLFHEART’s great, crushing songwriting and production. King Of The North is a true masterpiece of melodic death metal, crafted with great attention to detail – and showcases WOLFHEART on a never-before-heard artistic level!

BEFORE THE DAWN was formed in the late 1990s. The band released six full-length albums and toured the world, building a large following before ceasing operations in 2013. Then Tuomas Saukkonen created his new project WOLFHEART, with which he has since released six albums. During the pandemic, BEFORE THE DAWN re-released their 2006 album “Deadlight” and wrote a brand new song on that occasion. The album opened #1 in the Finnish album chart, and a huge boost of motivation and creativity followed.

HINAYANA is a hard-hitting melodic death/doom metal band from the heart of Texas that combines dark, brooding riffs with soaring melodic passages of guitars and keyboards to create their unique, aggressive and emotional sound.

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