De Shift 004 w/ Kai Stein

Vrijdag 17 maart 2023
Small stage
Zaal open 23:30, Aanvang 23:30
Voorverkoop € 2,50
Dagkassa € 5,00
Exclusief €2,50 reserveringskosten
23:30 (Zaal open)

Some of you may have heard about it, some of you haven’t… We are proud that we can introduce you to a ‘brand’ new club experience, De Shift. A Friday evening in the nightlife of Maastricht that provides a stage for local talent and much more. To us the most important thing is that we are 100% committed to providing an accessible safe space for people to dance and feel free, no matter their beliefs or background!

In our up & coming club nights you will see some familiar faces from the local scene behind the decks, combined with talented DJs and producers from the electronic music industry. All kinds of sounds will be shifting trough our venue.

This Friday night De Shift will be back with another night full of electronic music. Come experience our new clubbing experience in the iconic Timmerfabriek of Sphinxkwartier.

Line up:

  • Jovo Moto
  • Kai Stein
  • Jelle Dj
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