Jazz Session

Dinsdag 04 april 2023
Zaal open 20:15, Aanvang 20:30
Gratis event
20:15 (Zaal open)

Our weekly jazzsession, THIS TIME WITH 2 OPENERS.
Backline is provided. Bring your instrument!
Enjoy an evening with swinging live music, good people and affordable prices. Free entrance!



voc- Kamilla Leines
piano- Stella Seonghee Lee
db- Pratick Baniya
drums- Giuseppe Gallitelli

Unknown jazz gems and some well known, but nicely disguised jazz standards with a personal touch of emotions, different soundscapes and grooves, creating an atmospheric vibe. That‘s the LAINYS Quartet.


Untitled is a GUITAR JAZZ TRIO led by Daan Gisolf, Dominic Choung (b) and Gaël Clement (dr), three music students in Maastricht. The music consists of compositions and arrangements of standards by Daan Gisolf, the guitar player of the group. He combines different genres, like jazz, rock funk and hip-hop and puts them into his own compositions. Every song leaves space for improvisation and interaction between the band members, which makes every rendition of the songs different.

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