Jazz Session

Dinsdag 07 maart 2023
Zaal open 20:15, Aanvang 20:30
Gratis event
20:15 (Zaal open)

Onze wekelijkse jazz session met wisselende openings acts.
Deze week: Momala Ma

Gabriel Amaro (gt)
Ivan Stankovic (bass)
Micky Laheij (drums)
Mariann Kiss (voc.)

Professionele backline, piano en microfoons zijn aanwezig. Verwacht een gezellige en vooral swingende avond met te gekke live muziek.
Gratis toegang!

Our weekly jazz jamsession with changing opening acts. Backline is provided.
Enjoy an evening with swinging live music, good people and affordable prices. Free entrance!
This week: Momala Ma

Momala Ma
A Maastricht based international nu jazz, neo soul band with some world music influences, own compositions, honest and unique lyricism.
Momala can be both a wise, kind and attentive mother figure but also a spiritual ideal, presence and omnipresent mythical deity that can be resourced and called on for advice and wisdom through prayer.
Ma means simply today in Hungarian. Besides being a little fun rhythmical twist it is also a reference of the ever changing, most important present moment.

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