Jazz Session

Dinsdag 08 november 2022
Zaal open 20:15, Aanvang 20:30
Gratis event
20:15 (Zaal open)

Jungmi Yun quartet is led by composer and pianist Jungmi Yun.
Her modern jazz tunes are based on delicate emotions and rich sensibility, showing her own unique approach to composing. Through a bonded sound of the band, the audience will be led into a world of different stages in life via musical expressions.

Arturo Ramirez Hintze (Drums)
Felipe Cornejo(Bass)
Julia Warren(Alto Sax)
Jungmi Yun(Piano).

Onze wekelijkse jazz session met wisselende openings acts.
Professionele backline, piano en contrabas zijn aanwezig. Verwacht een gezellige en vooral swingende avond met te gekke live muziek.
Gratis toegang!

Our weekly jazz jamsession with special opening act. Backline is provided.
Enjoy an evening with swinging live music, good people and affordable prices. Free entrance!

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