Zaterdag 21 januari 2023
Main stage
Zaal open 22:00, Aanvang 22:00
Gratis event
22:00 (Zaal open)

For our next edition BAD HABITS IS MOVING TO THE WEEKEND. Our next party will be on 21/01, that’s a Saturday. We’ve listened to your feedback and we will be moving away from Thursdays, so that even more people will be able to join us next time.
It’s amazing to see that our events are a place where people can come as they are, wear what they want and express themselves however they wish.
The creativity from our community keeps pushing us forward and we have some great new additions in line for our first weekend edition.

Bad Habits is a Hip-Hop event that focusses on showcasing the creative side of the city. Expect our events to be cultural hubs that are overflowing with interesting ideas, people and projects. Bad Habits is closely involved with it’s visitors. We are one big family that collectively share a love for good music, good ambiance and good people. Join the club.

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