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Vrijwilligers - Muziekgieterij


Do you like live music? We offer “bands with benefits”.

Without volunteers no Muziekgieterij! We are looking for you!


7 reasons to become a volunteer:

  • It is nice work: as a volunteer of the Muziekgieterij you really are the face of the organization during concerts and events. You serve drinks, scan tickets or take jackets from the audience.
  • A beautiful meeting place: you get to know new people who all have at least one thing in common, namely love for music!
  • Free concerts: as a volunteer you get free entrance to all concerts.
  • Free drink: if you have played a service, you will receive a drink from us as a thank you.
  • Good for your CV: culture is hip, volunteer work is good for your karma and social work is good for your CV.
  • Nice colleagues: just look at the picture above, at the Music Foundry we are “one happy family”.
  • BBQ & drinks.

Are you interested in volunteering at the Muziekgieterij? Please respond via

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