Muziekgieterij voorkant

De Muziekgieterij, visiting address:
Boschstraat 5
6211 AS Maastricht

The nearest car park:
Parking Sphinxterrein
6211 SC Maastricht

The entrance to the Muziekgieterij is located at the back of the building, via the stairs next to Filmhuis Lumière. Navigate to Bassin 88, 6211 AK Maastricht.

The walking route from the car park to the entrance:

Route for wheelchair users and disabled people

From the Sphinxterrein car park, walk down the Boschstraat in northern direction. At the traffic light crossing, turn right (behind the bike park). Then turn right again (behind the white building), towards the back of the Muziekgieterij (navigate to Bassin 88, via the Fransensingel). Here you will find the entrance to the Muziekgieterij, accessible via the wheelchair ramp.

There are no seats available in our concert halls. Both halls are accessible to wheelchair users, but seatings are not available. Should you arrive by wheelchair and there is already (a lot of) other public present, it is no longer possible for the wheelchair to reach certain areas (for example, in front of/near the stage or on the balcony). Disabled toilets are available. However, these toilets are also difficult to reach in case of crowded activity.

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